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About Neveo Mosser

Neveo Mosser
Neveo MosserCo-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

For any organization to succeed in the most competitive market in American real estate, consistent and thoughtful leadership is imperative, not optional. For Mosser Companies, it all starts at the top with our Founder and CEO, Neveo Mosser. Over three decades in Bay Area real estate investment and property management have given Neveo the unique and well-honed aptitude to steer a diverse portfolio of over $1.3 billion in holdings. It’s his experience and expertise that has made this company a standard-setter in San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles real estate.

Neveo Mosser’s vision comprises the guiding force behind the Mosser Companies’ proven platform. Continuous growth and development combined with thoughtful and ever-expanding investment strategies make the company that bears his name an exemplar of cultivated knowledge and strategy applied toward creating the greatest possible benefit to investors.  

Neveo and the company are proud citizens of the Bay Area with deep roots here. Mosser Companies’ holistic understanding of the region means that our services are always guided with the aim of creating benefit for residents and investors, longtime citizens and newcomers alike. Integrity, not opportunism, has been a consistent guiding principle behind Mosser business dealings, and this has proven beneficial for those who come in contact with both Neveo himself and the Mosser platform at large.

Neveo Mosser’s commitment to the region extends well beyond his own business interests. For nearly twenty years, he’s been a mayoral-appointed Commissioner of San Francisco’s Residential Rent Board, the city’s public watchdog ensuring renters don’t fall prey to unscrupulous landlords. In the past, he’s also executed leadership roles in the San Francisco Apartment Association and the Coalition for Better Housing, and been a member of the California Apartment Association’s executive Board of Directors. With leadership roles in both the public and the private sector, Neveo Mosser has made serving the needs of Bay Area residents his life’s work.

Real estate investment, especially in a competitive market, can prove intimidating to the newcomer. The multitude of variables that determine whether an investment is safe or not can weigh heavily on the prospective investor. Mosser’s platform, vertically integrated through internal ownership of properties, ameliorates risk in order to provide the safest possible environment for opportunity. Continuous acquisitions mean this portfolio is ever-growing, with a management team wholly dedicated to creating value on a wide range of fronts.

When a renter, investor, or other interested party signs on with Mosser Companies, they can rest assured that they are getting the full benefit of Neveo Mosser’s decades of experience and his sharpened acumen. The organization’s top-to-bottom control over its properties, from daily building management to high-level investment concerns, is only possible through the guidance of a well-honed business mind. Neveo Mosser, for decades, has committed himself to adapting to the times with a fundamental grounding in proven strategies. It’s with the dexterity of a start-up and the accumulated wisdom of an industry standby, that Mosser Companies represents Neveo’s proudest accomplishment.