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About Mosser Companies

For over 60 years, Mosser Companies has used its platform to deliver the best in real estate investment and living opportunities across the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles. Mosser’s vertically-integrated structure means that every step of the process, whether buying, renting, or investing, is informed by our refined expertise. In the most competitive markets in the country, Mosser Companies stands above the rest thanks to the persistent execution of our proven strategies.

Under Neveo Mosser‘s leadership, Mosser Companies currently owns and operates a real estate portfolio of over 3,000+ rental apartment units. Tenant satisfaction is a top priority for us at Mosser Companies. Our renovation arm is capable of transforming aging units into ultramodern living spaces, suitable for any number of lifestyles. Our acquisitions team constantly seeks out new opportunities in a wide variety of emerging neighborhoods, with the aim of serving a diverse population base. As life in California’s biggest cities grows ever more popular, Mosser Companies is there to provide high-quality housing expertise backed by over a half-century of experience.

The Mosser portfolio extends beyond residential living, with hotels, commercial properties, restaurants and music studios under our purview. Each property owned by Mosser is managed with the full suite of our capabilities, including design, general contracting, maintenance and repairs, leasing, on-site management, and supply warehousing. Vertical integration means that the Mosser name, not that of a third party, is proudly attached to the work of satisfying our tenants and clients.

Through our investment arm, Mosser Capital, we offer the opportunity for institutional and high-net-worth investors to partner in some of our promising developments. Our integrated platform offers qualified parties a highly desirable and proven investment model. The markets Mosser Companies deal in carry some of the highest profit potential in the country, and our measured yet robust strategies aim to deliver real results for each interested party.

In the most demanding markets on the West Coast, Mosser Companies stands ready to provide a level of service unmatched anywhere. At all stages of involvement, from rental tenants to premier investors, the best in management and knowledge is what we can proudly offer our clients and tenants.