Explore Mosser Neighborhoods in Oakland and LA

Mosser Companies might have put down its roots in San Francisco, but it plans to grow strong branches into Oakland and Los Angeles. 


“Mosser Companies’ primary drive is to expand access to urban workforce housing in California,” company CEO Neveo Mosser comments, “We started in San Francisco. Now, we’re going to bring our real estate savvy and care for quality to bear in Oakland and Los Angeles. I think I speak for all of us when I say that I truly look forward to making a difference for the residents of the two cities.”


Here, a few insights into a few of the hottest neighborhoods in Oakland and LA. If you’re interested in moving to the area, click the links to check out Mosser’s rental offerings!




Adams Point/Grand Lake

Located on the northern side of Lake Merritt, Grand Lake offers easy access to waterfront views and a peaceful shore-side walking trail. This diverse, walkable neighborhood also boasts in-town entertainment options such as the Grand Lake Theatre, a historic movie palace, and countless restaurants and cafe. On Saturdays, residents can even pick up fresh, local produce from the Grand Lake Farmers Market. It’s a quiet and comfortable area, well-suited for families. 


Cleveland Heights

Like Grand Lake, Cleveland Heights borders Lake Merritt, providing residents with ample opportunities to enjoy lakeside sights and activities. It’s a relatively quiet area marked by broad, tree-lined streets and dotted with several community parks and gardens. Its isolated peacefulness makes Cleveland heights feel almost like a small-town community; however, the neighborhood is close enough to bustling centers that residents rarely have to travel far to find what they need. Cleveland Heights is home to a diverse population, but it particularly well-known for its rich Chinese cultural roots. 


Clinton is well-known for its charming hodgepodge of architectural styles. On some streets, stately 19th-century Victorians share borders with blocky post-World War II apartment buildings, while their neighbors pull from a broad pool of architectural periods and motifs. Best of all, the majority of homes are well within an affordable price range for urban workers. Clinton is well-appointed with trees and gardens and is a mere 5-minute bike ride from the lakeshore or shopping hotspots at Grand. The neighborhood is beautiful, affordable, and conveniently placed — what’s not to love?



Nestled between downtown Oakland and Lake Merritt, Lakeside’s classic architecture has earned the neighborhood an official designation as a local historic district. Residents enjoy easy access to regional mass transit options, as well as close proximity to the “Crown Jewel” of Oakland’s public parks, Lakeside Park. The area is also a hotspot for the arts; the Malonga Casquelourd Arts Center serves as a thriving hub for local dancers, musicians, and artists.


Uptown/North Oakland


Uptown is a popular entertainment destination for East Bay locals and visitors alike. The area is home to the Paramount Theater and Fox Oakland Theatre, both of which have been thrilling audiences for decades. The neighborhood has also undergone a more recent period of expansion, welcoming in a plethora of cafes, bakeries, and galleries. Uptown is also a bustling center for local artists and art enthusiasts; on the first Friday of every month, Oakland hosts an “Art Murmur” walk through the city’s galleries — many of which call Uptown home. 


Los Angeles



Do we even need to list Hollywood’s virtues? The neighborhood is an exciting and vibrant place, home to movie stars and years of silver-screen history. Hollywood encompasses a host of high-profile venues, including the Dolby Theatre and the Hollywood Bowl; Paramount Pictures’ offices are only a short walk away. Other, less-touristy attractions include a variety of upscale nightclubs, comedy clubs, and retro-styled bars. Hungry? Try one of the many fantastic Thai restaurants in neighboring Thai Town! One point is for certain — Hollywood residents will rarely be bored. 



As you can probably guess from the name, Koreatown (affectionately known as K-town by the locals) is a hotspot for Korean-American culture. The area hosts delightful mix of historic Art-Deco architecture and Korean-influenced community offerings. Residents enjoy easy access to Korean-style BBQ restaurants, karaoke joints, clubs, and speakeasies. It’s a vibrant, exciting neighborhood that every LA resident should visit. 


East Hollywood

East Hollywood offers residents the chance to add to its vibrant patchwork of cultural traditions. It encompasses Little Armenia, Thai Town, the Ukrainian Cultural Center, and an active Latino Community. Given the neighborhood’s proximity to UCLA, it also plays host to a significant population of Millennials. Residents can enjoy easy access to public transportation, and have their pick of delicious, affordable, and culturally-diverse food options. 


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