How Restoring One San Francisco Building Brought New Life to a Neighborhood

Abandoned, dusty, and not up to code – that is, unfortunately, the state of many older buildings in America’s cities. Historic properties can be subject to the unglamorous sands of time, causing them to be neighborhood weights rather than gems. California’s cities are no stranger to the problem of vacant old structures making neighborhoods less safe, less desirable, and ultimately, economic setbacks. When seeing this problem, Mosser Companies set to do something about it. Restoring historic properties for new purposes has given struggling neighborhoods new leases on life. No pun intended.

Mosser is proud to be restoring distressed properties to their original glory. Doing so requires more than just physical renovation. It requires tailoring each property to serve the needs of current times. Making modern amenities and historic preservation work together is no easy task. By revitalizing historic buildings in San Francisco, Oakland, and Los Angeles, Mosser transforms both them and their surrounding areas for the better.

1751 Market Street in San Francisco is a shining example of Mosser’s renovations sparking positive change for an entire neighborhood. Built three years after the devastating 1906 earthquake and fire that destroyed much of the city, 1751 Market Street represents hope and resurrection. Just as it helped restore San Francisco in the early 20th century, it is now helping to restore its surrounding area to its original economic and cultural prosperity.

The point where Mid-Market and Hayes Valley neighborhoods meet is where you’ll find the charming facade of 1751 Market Street. Over the previous one hundred plus years, Mid-Market and Hayes Valley have had tumultuous journeys. Today, they are popular destinations for culture, food, and technology thanks to neighborhood revitalization efforts like that of this historic structure.

The crossing of Mid-Market and Hayes Valley used to be unsafe, but it is now a hub for restaurants, shopping, and residential living. Both areas are hot spots for startups and established companies to stake their claim on the technology breeding ground of Silicon Valley. Twitter even established their headquarters in the Mid-Market area, making nearby functional apartments a necessity for the neighborhood to succeed. The general upswing in the area can be attributed to the trailblazing preservation of historic buildings like 1751 Market Street, helping to attract businesses, reduce crime and poverty, and bolster the trajectory of the city as a whole.

The building’s authentic high ceilings, beautiful bay windows, crown molding, and artistic touches are still there today, solidifying its unique character. Alongside the preservation of those historic features is the addition of ultra-modern amenities for apartment living including stainless steel appliances, laminate floors, and more. It is the perfect cross between past and future.

Though San Francisco has a reputation for being far from affordable for the average upwardly mobile citizen, Mosser is helping to curb that problem. Rental prices at Mosser properties like San Francisco’s 1751 Market Street are more affordable than many other options. Historic and attractive spaces make them even more desirable. New chapters for older buildings inspire cities and their residents to make new history.

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