Highlighting Mosser Companies’ Favorite Neighborhoods

When Mosser Companies first set down roots in San Francisco, it did so with the intent of bringing affordable and comfortable housing to the city’s residents. Neveo Mosser, the company’s current CEO, has dedicated his career to furthering that mission by ensuring that residents in nearly every corner of the city can find high-quality housing [...]

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Explore Mosser Neighborhoods in Oakland and LA

Mosser Companies might have put down its roots in San Francisco, but it plans to grow strong branches into Oakland and Los Angeles.    “Mosser Companies’ primary drive is to expand access to urban workforce housing in California,” company CEO Neveo Mosser comments, “We started in San Francisco. Now, we’re going to bring our real [...]

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Top 5 Walkable Date Spots in San Francisco

Romance is in the air. As the classic song says, your heart is in San Francisco. You have a date, and you have big plans. Meet up with your sweetheart, sit in traffic, and pay through the nose for parking at your destination. Then, sit in traffic on the way home.   We're just kidding. [...]

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How Restoring One San Francisco Building Brought New Life to a Neighborhood

Abandoned, dusty, and not up to code - that is, unfortunately, the state of many older buildings in America’s cities. Historic properties can be subject to the unglamorous sands of time, causing them to be neighborhood weights rather than gems. California’s cities are no stranger to the problem of vacant old structures making neighborhoods less [...]

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Five San Francisco Neighborhoods Perfect for Newcomers

With all of the neighborhoods and micro-’hoods populating San Francisco’s 46.9 square miles, some transplants may find relocation here a bit daunting. Fortunately, the city’s myriad options mean that there’s something for everyone if you know where to look. Here are five areas that are perfect for newcomers, whether you’re a single 20-something, a busy [...]

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