Top 5 Walkable Date Spots in San Francisco

Romance is in the air. As the classic song says, your heart is in San Francisco. You have a date, and you have big plans. Meet up with your sweetheart, sit in traffic, and pay through the nose for parking at your destination. Then, sit in traffic on the way home.


We’re just kidding.


That’s not a way to sweep someone off their feet. If you dream of living somewhere where you can leave the car parked and head out on foot, you’re in luck. From one of Mosser Companies’ San Francisco properties, you can to enjoy some of the best romantic destinations, all within walking distance. In the literal and metaphorical heart of San Francisco, here are our top five date hotspots.




Want to travel back in time? Besides renting an apartment in one of Mosser Companies’ restored historic buildings, here’s another way. This swanky restaurant/bar is in the historic 1908 Saratoga Hotel. Enjoy drinks from the early 1900s and classy appetizers. After some quiet conversation here, loosen up your vocal cords for Pandora Karaoke, just a 15-minute stroll across the vibrant Tenderloin district.




The San Francisco Chronicle said that this place “might top the list of romantic spots in San Francisco,” so you really can’t go wrong for atmosphere and food. With regular live bands, you can enjoy swing dancing after your delicious dinner. Tickets are usually $15-30 with a view of the stage. If that’s not enough fun, catch a musical afterward (or beforehand) at the Orpheum Theatre, just a seven-minute walk down the street.




If you want some authentic and exotic international cuisine, Lers Ros is a must-do. Enjoy Thai dishes that will spice up your palate and your evening. It’s the ideal location to frequent before a show at the Great American Music Hall, just a two-minute walk away.




The rooftop bar patio at this restaurant is perfect for California’s beautiful year-round weather. You can come for happy hour from 5:00-7:00 pm to enjoy $4 beer and $5 drink specials, brunch on Sundays, or an evening during the week with the after-work crowd. Afterward, head over to the City Center Farmers Market to keep the conversation going in the midst of your favorite organic produce.




For the more casual brunch date, this place is a must-do. Some of their “customer favorites” include the Cornbread & Chipotle Jelly, Gluten Free Pancakes, and the Frittata of the Day. Just be warned: they don’t take reservations, so come early or be flexible to wait a little while. After your meal, don’t let the day end there. Get some culture by heading two minutes down the block to the International Art Museum of America. Lazy Sunday dates just leveled up.


At any of these date locations, you’re in walking distance to dozens of more restaurants and cultural epicenters like museums, music and theatre venues, parks, and more. Have an extra cocktail knowing you don’t need to drive home. On your next date, take advantage of all the city has to offer, literally right in your backyard. That’s what we call romance.

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